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  Agriculture and chemical packing
1. Seed tape: Seeds are packaged in tape-shape at regular intervals using water soluble PVA film. Because it germinates at the regular intervals when buried it in earth, the labor of the cull can be saved. It can not only prevent the seeds from being blown away by wind and eaten by animals.But also can keep moisture in the sand.
2. Pesticide packing bags: Agriculture chemicals usually have the problem of high concntration and hypertoxicity, which do badly harm to human being. For a long time, the packaging of agriculture chemical has three main disadvantages.1, liquid agriculture chemical is packed in glass bottles which are easily broken. 2, a lot of leftover is left in the packaging that brings a great deal of waste. 3, if the agriculture chemical packaging with leftover is discarded in rivers, rivulet, farm and terra etc. it would pollute the soil and source. The Advantages of Water-soluble packaging bag for agricultural chemicals are:
Water solubility and the soluble speed can be design freely. Non-toxic, non-polluted, dissolved in cool water.
Greatly reduce the infection coming from venomousness or stimulating materials such as pesticide and product of techno chemistry.
Intension and tension are better than traditional ones.
Efficiently solve the problems of weight, traffic cost, leaking and recycle etc.
Has an excellent characteristic against oil, fat, organic solvent.
It is Anti-static and it doesn't adsorb farina and dust when packing powdery product.
Measure exactly, avoid unsuitable dosage of pesticide.