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Water-transferred printing
  Water-transferred printing
Transfer Printing
The water soluble PVA film is ideal for Immersion Transfer Printing Process by Water-Pressure for package decoration of plastic parts of auto motors Interior, electronic, Aluminum Products, Household appliances, Glass & others.The Process creates a decorated objects/articles using the water soluble film which has been preprinted with a desired pattern. The film is coated/sprayed with a proprietary activator to wet the ink and then floated on a tank of water,The film absorbs water, becomes flexible, and the objects to be decorated is passed through the surface of film.The decorated objects is then rinsed in hot water and oven dried.
Pattern samples:
Model No. SF001 Model No.SF002 Model No. SF003 Model No.SF004

Model No. SF005 Model No. SF006 Model No. SF007 Model No. SF008