Basic Properties
Thermal Stability, Thermal Degradability
Solubility Differences Grade-by-grade
Water solubility
Resistance to Oils and Organic Solvents
Strength and Weathering resistance
Good heat sealability and adhesiveness
Good gas barrier properties
Good printability
  Resistance to Oils and Organic Solvents
    The water-soluble PVA film has the good characteristic to resist the oils and fats such as animal oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, fats, organic solvents and the hydrocarbons to penetrate. However, it can be affected by strong acid, strong base, chlorine free radical and some special chemical which can react with PVA such as borax, boracic acid and coloring matter and so on, so it isn't fit for packing the above things.
    Applications that utilize resistance to oils and organic solvents:
Paper coating, paper making, corrugated board paper, heat sensitive paper, packaging films, adhesives and photosensitive resins (letterpresses)