Basic Properties
Thermal Stability, Thermal Degradability
Solubility Differences Grade-by-grade
Water solubility
Resistance to Oils and Organic Solvents
Strength and Weathering resistance
Good heat sealability and adhesiveness
Good gas barrier properties
Good printability
  Strength and Weathering resistance
PVA film has good tenacity, biaxial tension-strength and anti-tearing strength that ranks high among all kinds of films, flexing resistance is 10 times to other films. It has excellent Weathering resistance and service life is very long.
Strength of various films
Items\Varieties PVA film cellophane PE film PP film PVC film
Tension-strength(Mpa) 44.12-63.74 54.92-131.40 17.26-19.12 45.11-53.9 20.59-17.65
Anti-tearing strength(Mpa) 147.10-833.57 1.96-3.92 29.53-98.07 12.75-68.6 39.23-78.45
Elongation percentage(%) 150-400 15-25 50-600 200-600 5-25