1. The product which contain moisture up to 5% could not be packed by PVA water soluble film.
2. PVA water soluble film should be packed in PE film when it is not being used.
3. It should be used in condition : 15-33 degreeC.40-70%RH.
4. It needs special packing machine to make the PVA bag due to the strong tensile PVA film.
5. PVA film has the good characteristic to resist the oils and fats such as animal oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, fats, organic solvents and the hydrocarbons to penetrate. However, it can be affected by strong acid, strong base, chlorine free radical and some special chemical which can react with PVA such as borax, boracic acid and coloring matter and so on, so it isn't fit for packing the above things.